Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

Some things are going to have change in this house! Starting with the sleeping arrangements. The past several weeks both Tate and Gage have been sneaking into our room in the middle of the night and climbing into our bed. This morning there were four people in our bed and I have had enough of it!
Some nights they skip climbing into bed and opt for the floor. But this too will not work as they often end up under the bed and caught there in the middle of the night crying because they are "lost". One of us has to get up and fish them out from the dark abyss they have rolled into, then of course they need to be in bed with us because they are scared. Well, I don't' care anymore if they are scared, I am TIRED and need my sleep! And if I don't get it, they will have reason to be scared!
The other night we came to bed to find Gage already in our room, with only his head under the bed, so we put him in his own bed, only to have him join us in a few hours.

Any suggestions short of locking their door and mine, lest they should escape their room?


The Nielson Family said...

We are battling the same thing (except we only have one coming in)--and I really don't have a lot of good advice. I know that was helpful :) Let me know if you hear anything good!

Kobe Family said...

You may not get much sleep for a couple of nights, but keep taking them back to bed every time they come in, no matter what! My girls have learned that if they have a nightmare they come tell me about it and then go right back to bed, and I get sleep! It's worked for me, but I'm mean that way I guess. I too cannot sleep with kids in my room, let alone my bed!