Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I feel....guilt!

Yesterday my four year old and I had a conversation that went a lot like this:

Tate: "Mom, how many more days until Friday?"

Mom: "Three more days."

Tate: "I am so excited for Friday!"

Mom: "Why? Because it is your birthday on Saturday and only one more sleep?"

Tate: "Nope, because Dad always snuggles me on Friday night, he doesn't have time other nights."

So very sad! But unfortunately his dad has meetings last night and could still not snuggle him. My efforts at compensating were noticed, but they did not replace the good old dad snuggling that Tate craves. We are going to have to change a few things around here before they don't want to snuggle us anymore! But first I need to blog about it...

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