Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is Connor:

  • Pooh Bear - he has had this bear since infancy and still cannot sleep without it! But we do manage to keep it at home for school.
  • School - he loves to learn and acquire new knowledge, then share it with everyone!
  • Legos - Connor will create anything with Legos, it is his greatest hobby and will spend hours playing with those creations, against everything I vowed I would never do, my boys love Legos!
  • Beef & Broccoli - hold the beef, his favorite meal is broccoli, not sure how that happened.
  • Make people happy - he will do things for others all the time. Several times I have had mothers tell me that their kids are picked on at school and all I have to do is mention it to Connor and he befriends them and recruits them to play football with him at lunch time. He is a very kind little boy. The other day our neighbor came selling rocks that he had picked up outside and Connor was willing to part with his hard earned money so his friend wouldn't feel bad.
  • Singing - we often hear singing coming from the basement or shower, Connor will sing all day and any song he can think of.
  • Money - he is starting to save some money and spend it wisely, well, at least as wisely as anyone who is seven can.
  • Collections - Connor will collect anything...much to his mother's chagrin.
  • Jazz, Eagles, BYU, Red Sox - he is starting to really like sports, he watched the entire Superbowl even though his dad was out of town and his mom wanted to watch something else.
  • Sports - he is starting to really enjoy sports, and is even developing some coordination.
  • Reading - this is a new interest, he is very good at reading but is just starting to enjoy it and now I find him reading each night before bed.
  • Science - Connor loves facts and learning new things, everything is an experiment to him.
  • Being the big brother - he is always asking if he can babysit while we go out, ummmm, no! But in a few years we may do it!
  • Monkey Bars - the kid still loves them even with breaking his arm last year from falling from them.


  • Barbie dolls - I don't believe this needs explaining.
  • Girlfriends - he does not appreciate attention from the female species, especially in the form of chasing and kissing. Many a lunch has been skipped to avoid these dangers.
  • Utes -need we say more? He has been effectively brain washed!
  • Being away from Coleson - he misses his best friend daily and would move back to Canada in a heart beat to be close to him again.
  • Lunch cutting into playground time - his lunch is often brought home without being touched because it was way more fun to get out on the playground than sit in the cafeteria and eat lunch
  • Homework - the kid can get his work done in 2 seconds flat, only to be re-done because of sloppy work. If only he could come straight home and play, but he has a mean mommy.


  • Connor is a people pleaser.
  • Accident prone - Connor has been to the emergency room 7 times, if I remember right, he is always stumbling and hurting himself. Neither of the other boys have ever been. In Canada he was in the ER for 3 out of 4 months and I was starting to be questioned by the nurses, three came to question me...I guess I passed.
  • Tough guy - see above, in all of his accidents Connor has been very brave, hardly crying at all, until he gets the IV...
  • Favorite movie - High School Musical and Star Wars, why is he getting so big?
  • Favorite color - blue
  • Best friend - Coleson


TL said...

This is such a cute idea to do with your family and I really love the pictures of the boys.

Kobe Family said...

He's such a handsome boy, I'm sure the girls can't help themselves!