Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gulbranson Wagon Trip

Celebrating 50 Years
August 2012 
Gulbranson Family Wagon Trail

McKay, Kaelen and Caleb - starting the journey in style!
Connor and Coleson - never too far apart when they can help it
McCall, Emma, Kael, Tate, Bridger - in Grandpa's wagon
Landry and Cora - probably the cutest little blondies on the trail!
Gage was more interested in being a bandit than in being a pioneer!
Emma finally found another opportunity to wear her awesome cowgirl hat! She was styling
 the entire time!
Mel & Kathi - on the wagon and ready to roll

All the cousins, the original picture was of Dad and his siblings with their "Utah or bust" sign. 
Ethan & Calvin - Ethan is the same age that my dad was when they started their journey from Minnesota to Utah, 15 years old! Calvin is the same age as uncle Emil was - 1! Bless my Grandma's heart, she is amazing!

All the grand kids wanted the coveted seat next to Grandpa, he let them help drive the wagon and they loved bossing the mules around. I don't think McCall even left this seat the entire time we were in the wagon! I guess this was the "shotgun" seat of the trip. 
My wonderful Grandma - Mabel! She is 92 and joined us on the wagons, rode in them the entire time, slept in a tent with us and sat around the campfire telling stories. She has never aged to me and I love her dearly. 
Aiden, Kael & Gage
Dad - flanked by all the important women in his life, I would have been there too, but someone had to take the picture!
McKay showing off his cowboy moves!

Aunt Eileen and the Albertson wagon - replica of the wagon she drove across the country at age 10.
Brian received the coveted job of the "stop" and "slow" sign - I believe that was Aunt Lily's job for the original wagon trip, at age 8. 
Campfire story time - Aunt Karen, Grandma

Emil was just a year old when he rode in a wagon with Grandma and played in a basket along the way. Grandma said that he was the best baby, never cried or complained the entire 3 months. But if he did, I know that Grandma would have sacrificed all of her comforts for the kids, she always has and still does. 
I think Gage and Kaelen are related. They both are super posers for the camera!

Tate and McCall were in heaven on the wagon with Grandpa, I think this was their favorite vacation ever! Grandpa promised to get McCall a pony if she moves back up to Canada! 
All the cute Canadian cousins. Finally McCall had some more girls to play with. She also got over her extreme fear of all moving creatures. Still terrified of lady bugs, but horses and ponies are okay. 

It's not a Gulbranson get together without an accordion and a guitar. 

McCall with Great Grandma Gulbranson

This cute boy is my cousin Ryan - and yes, he is available...
So is this cute boy, but Ethan is only 15, so contact me in about 10 years!
Jared finally got in a picture. Above, not below!

Another cute cousin, Brian, also available!

Replica of the wagon Grandpa Gulbranson drove 50 years ago. Dad was so excited about his mules and the wagon. 
Nolan knows how to pull off riding with class. 

McCall loved playing with Uncle Kaelen, although she referred to him as "Birthday Boy" the entire time! She is an opportunist!
Kyle took a break from school and joined us on the trail. He only got tossed once I think. Jared didn't fare so well, he was thrown twice!
Russ might need a little style help from the girls at camp!
Grandma still can pull off looking good at 92 and camping. I want to be like her when I grow up. 
Aunt Renetta and Uncle Evan
The sisters - probably fighting over who gets to be in charge :)  
Maureen, Lily, Eileen.
Grandpa loves to snuggle, especially giggly little girls. 
Tate made no less than a dozen bows during his time in Canada. If only he could have a career as an archer, but I don't think there is very much demand anymore. 
Cute little cowgirls.