Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White House Spring Garden Tour

We were fortunate enough to get tickets to the White House Spring Garden Tour.
It was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to be able to walk all around the beautiful gardens.
Of course I took a few pictures.
And to make it even more fun, we had our friend Flat Stanley with us from our good friend Halle!

Here is Flat Stanley making a friend in the Marine Corps Band.

Rick, Janessa and Ellen. Thanks for going with us!

I think I would like to have this view out my back window.

Oval Office and West Wing

First beehive in the White House gardens.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers and the like.

Spring + Day off school = Smithsonian Zoo

Recently we had a VERY warm day here.
It was 80 degrees!
And a little humid after all the rain.
The kids had the day off of school so we went to the zoo.
I sometimes feel like I live in a zoo ...
But that is for another post.

Seriously it was hot!
We got a little sun burned.
But we had a lot of fun.
There were some great exhibits.
The big cats, gorillas and, surprisingly, the spider exhibits were GREAT!
We will definitely be going back.