Monday, March 17, 2008

I should live in Honduras....or Guatemala....or....

Well, we just got back from a Caribbean cruise and I am ready to move again. This time to Honduras, or Guatemala! The beauty of those countries is so amazing and it is the same temperature year round, the white sandy beaches, lush green hills and mountains, avocado trees, need I say more? Avocado trees! Growing everywhere! We had a great time off the boat, the actual boat time was not my favorite. When the captain comes over the loudspeaker encouraging everyone to get to the front desk for motion sickness pills (free, the only free thing on the cruise!) because it is going to be rough seas, not a good sign! He was right 15-20 foot swells about knocked us out of our beds all night, at least we didn't get sick like all the inebriated college students just a few doors down who lost all their expensive tequillas purchased in Mexico! Ha Ha! Poor housekeeping!
All in all a great experience, we loved visiting Belize and Mexico too. But my personal favorite was still Guatemala, I love that country and the people there and am looking forward to going back again as soon as I can, I'll bring the kids next time, it's never to soon to show them how blessed they are!
Other things going on in our life, not too much actually. Just enjoying the spring with the boys who insist on wearing shorts and flip flops because we no longer have any snow on our lawn, can you say Canadians?
I remembered the other day a funny thing Connor said. It had been a very long day and we were ready for scriptures before bedtime. He asked if he could read them that night and we said sure, he promptly opened up the Book of Mormon and said, "And it came to pass that nothing happened that day!" He then closed his scriptures and said good night. We laughed so hard, it was great. At least they are getting in the habit right??? Does that count for anything?