Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is Ryan:

  • TiVo - can't live without it, claims it saves time...well, maybe, but so does having no tv!
  • Reading - Ryan is always reading at least 3 books at a time, don't know how he keeps track of them. His favorites are spy/political corruption/mystery.
  • Technology - all the new gadgets are so intriguing & amazing
  • Lasagna & Spaghetti - bad day? It's all good with a good old fashioned plate of spaghetti
  • Waffles - breakfast isn't really breakfast unless you can pour syrup on it!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - no explanation needed, just pure unadulterated LOVE
  • Farming - can't explain this one, but it's true
  • Football - anything to do with it, but especially BYU football
  • Family - his boys, his little girl and his wife, he is so good to us all
  • Sunday afternoon naps - they don't happen often but when they do...HEAVEN
  • 24 & The Office & Prison Break - the guy loves his action movies
  • Friends - catching up with friends is one of his favorite past times, but never enough time to get caught up!
  • Politics - a new found hobby, 2008 Utah state delegate
  • Travel - anywhere and everywhere
  • Games - Settlers of Catan, Dominoes, Rook, Monopoly, you name it he likes to play it
  • Red Sox, Broncos, Jazz, BYU


  • Drama - television drama is okay, everyday people drama is not
  • Nancy - Pelosi & Grace, might be the name but mostly women in politics???
  • Bandwagon Ute Fans - die hard fans are okay, but bandwagon, I don't think so
  • Cold Weather - I am not sure how he made it through 5 Canadian winters
  • IRS & Revenue Canada - come on, who gets audited three times in 5 years?
  • Allergies - allergic to so many things, pollen, grass, hay, dogs, cats, coconut, cantaloupe, his own body heat, bananas, and anything that makes his lips tingle!


  • Ryan is such an easy going fella, he willingly goes shopping, re-arranges furniture, cleans bathrooms, makes weekend breakfasts. I could go on, but really he does so much to make so many people so happy.
  • No a lot of fashion sense. He actually asked for index cards with pictures of outfits that work together for Valentines Day...I don't think he is THAT bad, but apparently he does.
  • Entrepreneur - Ryan is always coming up with ideas for businesses. I married a pre-med, soon to be going to medical school student, three years later he graduated in business, and from the U! Talk about deception!
  • Coach - Ryan really enjoys coaching and has coached baseball, basketball and football. I think he especially misses the football coaching...but we had to move...maybe this year with Connor.
  • Predictable - Ryan enjoys things staying the same and is very predictable. I think I can order from any restaurant what he would want, he likes the same things over and over again, drives me crazy because I like to try new things and if he would try a new dish, that means I get to try two! But so nice in so many other ways.

I love this guy!


The Nielson Family said...

I agree Ryan is the Man!!!

The Nielson Family said...

Just so there is no mistake, that comment was from Nieltson, not lindsay:)

Ryan McCoy said...

Thanks Nieltson!

Kobe Family said...

I'm with him on the restaurant thing! Why mess with a good thing? Hang in their Ryan! It was fun to get to know him better!