Monday, February 9, 2009


This is Gage:

Gage is our rowdy 3 year old who makes us laugh and shake our heads at the same time. He is so easy to love and to yet so exasperating at the same time. But the love wins out every time. He keeps us guessing and wondering.

Gage likes:

  • Cereal with no milk
  • PB&J - no crusts please
  • Snacking - he can get into the fridge, pantry, or highest cupboard if there is food to be had
  • Hiding things - we are constantly trying to find things that Gage hides, he puts everything he can get his hands on in backpacks, boxes, drawers, underneath couches, any little nook or cranny he can find is filled with treasures he has snagged and hidden
  • Sleeping with mom and dad - right in the middle laying horizontally so he can kick us as much as possible
  • Blankets - any old blanket will do but he totes one around where ever he goes
  • His sister - he will do anything I ask him if I say, "McCall would like you to...."
  • Being sheriff - Gage will referee and tattle any time he can, his favorite thing to do right now is inform everyone when they say bad words (i.e. hate, stupid, or dumb) that they need soap in their mouths. I was very surprised by how much I use these words and his constant reminders have been good for me!
  • Debate and be contrary - if his brothers cheer for BYU, Gage cheers for the U, just for sake of bothering his brothers. If everyone votes for waffles, he chooses french toast. I could go on, but you get the picture.
  • Reading - Gage loves to read books, his current favorites are How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Duck on a Bike, and Sitting Ducks


  • Naps - no need to expound
  • Being called names - we cannot tell him he is cute, handsome, funny, etc. because he does not like to be called names...hmmm
  • Eating at meal times - Gage prefers to have his meals served to him when it is least convenient for everyone else
  • Pink bowls and cups - apparently they alter the taste of food to be more feminine, whereas orange bowls and cups make things taste better
  • Taking breaks from play - if Gage is playing kiss potty training goodbye! He can't be bothered to take a few minutes/seconds to use the bathroom
  • Being referred to as little - he is not little! He is a big boy!
  • Night owl - will stay up as late as he is allowed, usually later than allowed!
  • Mischievous - very sneaky little fella, but claims innocence
  • Mommy's boy - the only one who is
  • Creative - the kid loves to sing, dress up as crazy characters and play make believe
  • Climber - Gage will probably scale Mt. Everest before he is a teen, the boy loves to climb and has scaled the fridge on many occasions, trees and monkey bars are not a challenge for him.


TL said...

Your pictures of your boys are sooooooo stinkin' cute, I need to take some like these. I absolutely love them. We love Gage too, that cute little grin of his will get him just about anything!

Karli said...

Oh yes... the Gage. I miss that little trouble maker!