Saturday, February 14, 2009


I give up! Every time I try to take McCall's pictures in her blessing dress she is in a fowl mood. Although this time I can't blame her, she is such a sick little girl right now. She has a horrible cold and is struggling to eat, breathe, swallow, etc. It just doesn't seem right that some one so tiny should get sick. She hasn't complained at all, no fussing or crying, unless I am trying to take her picture! In fact, she has slept better since being sick!
Anyway, today was a great day to take pictures so I gave it another go. I am afraid this is the last time I attempt in her blessing dress as she is about to pop a few seams (even with being sick she gained another pound in the last 10 days, almost 15 lbs now).


The Nielson Family said...

She's just so cute! And I love that dress--hopefully no seams were damaged... :)

Elena said...

Whew! Just got finished with your marathon of posts. Little McCall is so cute and the dress is beautiful. And I loved reading about Ryan. Just may do a Tom post. We had fun with y'all last week. Why do we do those thing so seldomly (is that a word?).

kjtroxel said...

Even under the weather she's just darling! How are you???