Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Help My Sister Out!

Hello, loyal readers, if there are any of you... My sister and her husband are having a fun little competition to see who can get more people to their blogs this week. She is a SAHM of three crazy little red headed boys and he is an Internet Marketer. So you would think that he would have the upper hand in this little competition, but as of yesterday she is ahead of him, even after he cheated and had her site redirected to his for a few hours, dirty, rotten guy! But she still triumphed. So to inflate her stats, please visit her blog by clicking right here! You can read about the competition, but she also has some great tutorials, crafts, recipes and hilarious stories of life in small town Canada with three crazy kids, did I mention that they are red heads? Enough said! Thanks for helping her out, she will really appreciate it and I guarantee that you will get a kick out of her site.

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