Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School 2011

Welcome back to school McCoy boys!
The boys were excited to start school this year.
They each got the teachers they wanted - no small miracle considering how many teachers they are!

Connor - Grade 4
Mr. S - apparently he doesn't like or appreciate homework for his students, so he is a natural favorite teacher. Connor is thrilled, he shares the same homework philosophy!
It is also rumored, among the students, that he has a whoopie cushion in his desk.
Very cool for 9 year old boys, not so much for their mothers.  
 Gage - Kindergarten
Mrs. J - very cool because her name rhymes with Kick Buttowski.
I'm praying that is not brought up in the classroom or on the playground!
Thankfully Mrs. J has taught for 20 years and has encountered other fabulous children like Gage.
She will be keeled over laughing one moment and pulling out her hair the next.
Please say a prayer for Mrs. J.
Best part of school so far for Gage - riding the bus home.
Biggest let down - "there are sooooo many rules!"
 Tate - Grade 2
Mrs. D - 
Mrs. D does believe in homework, which bodes well with Tate, since that is his favorite thing about school.
Another plus, she is rumored to be the very nicest teacher in the school. She is kind and has high expectations from her students.
Tate is a great fit! He has high expectations of himself and is quite a kind boy himself.
 Look at these handsome boys.
I'm afraid that we won't be paying out the cash Ryan has promised them this year.
He gives them $$ at the end of the school year if they went all year without being kissed.
So far our pocket books have shelled out money to Connor and Tate.
We will see what this year brings.

 This girl won't know what to do without these 3 boys to spoil her and grant her every wish.
She is in for a few changes.
 First day excitement - they were literally running to school.
But when they got to the front door there was a little hesitation.
But they pulled it off and braved the crowds.
I will miss these boys. I love them to pieces.

Best of luck this year.
Work hard and play plenty.

{Megan & Chris}

This adorable girl ...
 really likes this cute boy ....
I have it on good authority that he loves her to.
 So we had a big party to make the two into one.
And we loved it.
And we love them.
A lot of love going around.
 There was also a lot of lipstick going around - mostly on McCall who kept sneaking into it.
 While the ladies primped and prepped, I ventured downstairs to find this.
The poor groom waiting for his big moment and chumming it up with 8 kids.
Welcome to the family!
 These two thought they would ham it up for the camera.
 These three girls were excited to have flowers and be wearing pink.
McCall ran out of petals shortly into the walk down the aisle.
She paused to ask for a "refill".
Unfortunately, there were no refills to be had.

What a beautiful day and a beautiful start to a beautiful life together.
Congratulations Megan and Chris!
We love you!

Summer time fun -

I don't know what this little girl is going to do without her constant side kicks around during school hours. She talks big and acts like she is excited to have "girl time" with mom. But when it comes down to it she has spent the last two days asking me every five minutes if it is time to pick up the boys yet. Only to pick them up and she won't let them in the door because it is "girls only"! What a tease!
But on to what this post is supposed to be about.
Our summer has come and gone and I have been absent in the blog-o-sphere.

I guess we were just having to much fun playing and travelling and playing and a little more playing. We just returned from a few weeks in Utah where we ran around like crazy getting everything in. But the best part was a wedding - yep, that's right, I got a new brother-in-law, which is probably good since a few of my old ones were getting, well ... old.  But we will still keep them around to! More on that later.
We loved beautiful weather over the summer and we were lucky enough to enjoy heat and humidity, then heat and dry while we visited Utah. Ahhh, the joys. But for the first time in my life I had a tan - thanks to swim lessons at the pool each day and it being to hot and humid to do anything else. The kids enjoyed their "swimmers" tans, I guess they preferred them over the "farmers" tans that we all usually have.
So now I have some things to catch up, I can't promise that they will be in chronological order, because the truth is I don't think I can remember everything! But rest assured we had plenty of play time this summer and we {I} are looking forward to the "calm" and structure that school brings.
Bring it on!