Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break 1 - Lowry's & Streadbeck's

We spent Spring Break in the District, playing tourist and tour guide and we loved it. 
We had so many friends and family visit us over the past several weeks - we kicked it off with the Lowry's visiting from California and the Streadbeck's from Richmond, VA. 
It's always fun when old college friends get together!

 We took all of these kids on a tour of the Capitol - I think we might have set a record for the largest group of kids that was not a school! But they all did really well and even learned a thing or two. 
 We then took a little tour around some of the monuments - and were even able to get a group picture. 
 Connor and Tate are in training to eventually give a tour of the Capitol - they've done it about a dozen times!
 These two just tag along and go with the flow, snagging treats as they go. 

 Connor and Blake were two peas in a pod. I'm not sure who had more fun with who, especially as they texted back and forth poking fun at each other and sending hilarious emoticons. I'm glad they were both entertained!
 Maren was a great sport with Gage - who latched on to her and took full advantage of having someone new around to talk their ear off and steal all attention he possibly could - mission accomplished!
 I'm never in pictures - Ryan insisted on one of us together. 
 This clown makes us all laugh. 
 And this girl is a super ham for the camera!
And these two, ahhhh! Can I just say it does my heart good to see them together, happily married and blissfully with each other. So glad that they were able to come out and visit - if only it could be every weekend!


Soon this little boy will not be able to eat at all. It took him quite a while to lose any teeth at all, not a single tooth until the end of first grade. Then it was a long wait until late in second grade when he finally lost another - now three in just a few weeks and he is loving the cash flow it is producing for him. 
His last tooth he lost and couldn't find it anywhere, so he brazenly left a not for the tooth fairy explaining his predicament with full faith that he would be rewarded. Turns out, our tooth fairy is a softy and left the promised cash for the little money grabber. 

Crazy Hair Day

For once I finally held off cutting the boys hair so that we would be able to do something with it. 
Here is what they requested and came up with. 

 Gage decided on a faux hawk - I cut the sides but left the top longer - with an immediate haircut when he got home from school!
 Connor went with as many pony tails as possible with his longer locks - he got a lot of compliments from the female contingent. 
Tate was a twinner to Gage and also received a haircut upon return from school. 

Jimmer in DC

The BYU Alumni Association here in DC does some pretty great events. Jimmer was in town with the Kings to play the Wizards so everyone was invited to buy seats together and meet Jimmer and watch the Kings warm up. It was a lot of fun and there were more BYU jerseys at the game than there were Kings or Wizards jerseys. 
It happened to be Jimmer's birthday so we sang the primary version of happy birthday to him. Each time he scored the arena erupted in cheers. We had lots of fun, ate way too many nachos and popcorn and got home way to late on a school night.
But we would do it all over again. The boys loved watching one of their favorite sports heroes and McCall enjoyed being spoiled by all the young people from the office, I'm certain she ate her weight in candy supplied by the staff. 

Cub Scout 007 Night

What do you get when you mix cub scouts and a spy theme pack meeting?
A bunch of boys that think they are really cool!

 The boys enjoyed creating spy equipment out of piles of junk.
Taping off crime scenes.
Finding their way through laser beams to get to dessert. 
A fun time was had by all. 

All About Tate

This little man is a joy and a pleasure to have around. 
While his first few years were rocky and trying at times - i.e. most of the time, he has more than made up for it. 
Tate is such an easy going boy, he is super obedient. 
Tate is goal oriented and extremely competitive.
If he notices anyone in his class or team doing something better than him he immediately practices and works at the task until he surpasses the other kids.
Tate's teachers absolutely love him, each time I go to the school to help out in any class room the teachers tell me what a wonderful boy he is. His friends parents tell me how glad they are that their boys are his friends because he is such a good example to them. 
We are so very proud of him. 

Tate's current favorites:
Color - blue
TV show - Ninjago
Food - waffles
Cookie - homemade oreos
Sport - basketball
Best friend - Matthew G.
Books - any series, but especially Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Guardians of Ga'Hoole
Parent - his dad, hands down
Free time activity - playing any sport outside with all the neighborhood kids

Tate is Eight!

Tate is 8!!
This boy has been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Because we spent his birthday in Pennsylvania and driving home we didn't have a big birthday party or cake or anything for him. Instead we stopped by the Cheesecake Factory on our way home and got take out as per the birthday boy's request - he wanted cheesecake and calamari.
Request granted. 
Then it was on to home to enjoy the odd combination of food and open a few presents. 
We sure love this boy. 

Hershey, Pennsylvania

We took a trip up to Hershey, Pennsylvania over President's Day weekend. We literally came home after church and decided to go. So we baked some cookies to eat on the way and quickly packed up an overnight bag and headed on our way. 

 We made it to the Hershey factory and it turned out that all the Canadians were there - they have good taste.

 The kids were all able to make their own chocolate bar, not many of them were edible afterwards, but they really enjoyed making them. They got to choose the base - milk, dark or white chocolate, add in some extra ingredients, design their own boxes and take their treat home. The activity was enjoyed by all.

We had a fun time in Hershey and on the way home we detoured through Lancaster County to catch a glimpse of the Amish and enjoy the sights of the country side. The hotel pool was enjoyed by all and sleeping in felt great. It was a great and relaxing weekend.