Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, we decided to take spring into our own hands today. I am tired of waiting for spring, , not sure if it is really here or not, but we started without it. We had the boys outside today for several hours while we weeded, watered, cleaned up the lawn, etc. Amazingly, they actually contributed to the work load! They did a great job working together. It was a little scary when you got too close to them with their shovels though, they shovel pretty vigorously and get pretty close to people's heads as they do.
Their favorite part was planting our seeds, of course we just put them in a seed tray in the house to get ready for a few more weeks before planting outside. I will be amazed if any of them sprout and grow because many different seeds were put in the same containers, maybe we will be coming up with a new hybrid plant, we'll let you know how it works out.
To top it off, Ryan BBQ'd tonight and we enjoyed a great time today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cruise Pics

Okay, I am finally posting these pics from our cruise. The first is Honduras, where I want to move, the next is one of the beautiful pure bred dogs in Guatemala, okay not really but are dogs blind when they are breeding? One has to ask! Then of course a gorgeous baby in Guatemala at the market place. And the last, Ryan and I on top of one of the Mayan temples in Belize, it was so beautiful and so high up I was terrified, which is why my smile is not so real.

Priesthood or the force?

Well, our boys continually give us some great comments in Family Home Evening. Take last night for example, we were discussing Nephi and how he was always obedient, quick to do what he was asked and he did it cheerfully. Laman and Lemuel on the other hand, murmured, whined and pretty much were pain in the butts, I am sure you can guess what has been going on in our house! Well, the boys wanted to only talk about when Nephi commanded his brothers not to touch them or they would die and then just "shocked" them.

They found this story amazing and wanted to hear more. Then Tate (4) asked, "Dad, do you have the priesthood?" and Ryan answered yes, to which Tate questioned, "Do you think you could shock some people like Nephi did, that would be awesome."

Then the conversation turned and we never got it back on track as the boys talked about who they would like to shock, whether or not they should be shocked, just so they could experience it adn so forth. WOW, nothing gets by those little guys. They think that they have the force at the grocery stores because they can wave their hands in front of the doors and they open. Should I bother telling them yet? They love "having the force" and I don't want to take that away just yet. In fact, their Jedi master often comes in handy when I remind them that when they argue they are choosing the dark side, etc. I guess I will have to decide what urban legend we can really keep around the house.

On another note, Connor lost his first tooth last night. He was very nervous about Mom pulling it out, but he finally consented and came teary eyed with the needle nose pliers. It was out with one little tug and he didn't feel a thing, so he jumped up and down screaming for joy. We found out later it was because the tooth fairy is this incredibly awesome lady who brings any toy you want (lego Star Wars in this case) and $5 per tooth. WHAT? Who the crap started this tradition? Someone with only one child who only has three teeth is my guess. No one can keep up with that! I loathe individuals who do this. What are they thinking? What happened to, oh look a quarter how nice! I suddenly feel very old fashioned and I won't apologize for it!

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest! While I am at, I also hate the PTA, another thing I won't apologize for. Not PTA members, just the whole PTA idea. On that note, hope you are all well.