Friday, October 9, 2009


...has not been pleasant. I strive to be positive and try to have a good outlook on things, but today has me experiencing technical difficulties with the entire essence of positiveness.

Let me just tell you about today, and keep in mind it is only 2:00 in the afternoon and I have most of my day ahead of me - especially since I have been unable to strike anything off my to do list and have only added to it through an unfortunate series of events, as follows:

3:00 am - McCall is awake, screaming (third night in a row) and will not stop unless I am either pacing with her or holding her in an upright position on the couch. She has a fever and is obviously uncomfortable ... so we continue in this manner until 5:00 when Ryan takes a turn.

7:48 am - I roll over to the sound of a radio but otherwise peaceful home. When I see what time it is I frantically yell for the boys, they must be out the door in 12 minutes. They are not sleeping, they are all in the basement playing with toys, still in pajamas - they need to be dressed, fed and lunches packed in 12 minutes!

8:05 am - five minutes late out the door, but still to school on time. Spend the remainder of the morning holding McCall who refuses to be put down. Ryan comes home and takes care of her while I have a very quick shower.

10:00 am - leave for the school, I have training for the GREAT reads program so I can help out in Connor's class. So I have to pick up Tate and take the three youngest to the training with me because Ryan had to be at the orthopedic surgeon at the same time (thankfully no surgery is required)!

10:15 - 11:15 am - try to pay attention in training and get McCall to stop fussing. It doesn't work very well.

11:17 am - Gage decides to pull the top off of his sisters sippy cup, spilling the contents all over himself, his sister and me. We are all covered with sticky orange V8 splash juice - which I really like to drink, but not wear. Not to mention the difficulty in getting it out of clothing.

11:18 am - change of plans, we are no longer going to the post office and then the doctors office, we need to rush home to change three outfits and change laundry.

12:00 pm - we make it to the doctors office on time for our appointment, everyone in clean clothes. McCall is very grumpy and the poor little thing is trying to sleep, but fitfully.

1:01 pm - still waiting to see the doctor, not sure why, but we are.

1:05 pm - McCall throws up all over herself and me, we are both now covered in a banana yogurt concoction that she loves.

1:06 pm - the doctor leisurely walks in, with a huge grin and asks - "how are you all today?" Well, I have to debate, do I fake a smile and say just great or do I tell him how my day has really gone and had he seen me earlier I would not be covered in vomit at the moment ... quite a quandary going on in my mind. I opt for faking it. But the overwhelming banana smell and soaked shirt and pants are a dead giveaway of a not so good day.

1:10 pm - McCall has double ear infections and is now only 19 lbs - only 37th percentile. I'm a little worried about that since she was over 20 lbs at 6 months and in the 80th percentile. I am told not to worry, she could use to lose a little weight ... hmmm, I don't agree!

1:36ish pm - draw a nice warm bath for McCall and change my clothes so I am not making myself sick anymore.

1:38ish pm - bend over to wash up McCall in the tub and she poops all over in the fresh bathwater!

2:00ish pm - decide to blog about today in hopes that it will be medicinal for me. It has been ... makes me more grateful for my regular boring days.

Now if only I can get a fraction of my list done. Still to do - laundry, floors, basement, bathrooms, groceries, post office, pick up prescription, birthday party, weed the flower beds (they are horrible and my gardening sister will be here this weekend!). Crap, I have to stop writing and start working! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Family Snapshots - Connor

Connor is always too happy to pose for the camera. He comes up with his own poses and is always trying to look cool and big. He continues to be a very sensitive guy, he has very tender feelings and hates to see others hurting. He tears up easily and is the first to snuggle and tell us that he loves us. Can he stay like this forever?

Fall Family Snapshots - Tate

Somewhere during the day Tate lost his regular smile and it looks almost painful the way he smiled for these pictures. He is turning into quite the silly little fella, he really enjoys making up his own jokes and can't get enough talking about school. Fun guy, sure love him!

Fall Family Snapshots - Gage

This boy is such a hoot. He just keeps us laughing all the time. He was happy to have pictures taken, I just told him that these pictures were for aunt Jana and he happily smiled and waited, posed and worked it. Love that kid!

Fall Family Snapshots - McCall

McCall was not so helpful getting her pictures taken, she has learned to move all to quickly and it is hard to get her to look at the camera - it's a game she plays, she hears the shutter move at all and turns away! Anyway, we managed to get a few cute ones. I had to include the one where you can see her "snaggle" tooth on the top. We have been waiting quite a while to get the matching one out, but it is very elusive.

Fall Drive

I love this time of year, the cool, crisp air, the beautiful colors, the upcoming holidays (we celebrate Canadian and US thanksgiving!). Can't beat that! But seriously, it is so beautiful. We took a family drive through the canyon today and had such a peaceful time, maybe we will go again tomorrow to!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Brian & Emilie

WOW! This wedding was amazing! First of all, the couple - they were absolutely glowing with love and excitement. So BEAUTIFUL! I think one word I could use to describe this wedding, besides fabulous, gorgeous, so Emilie, etc., would be DETAILS! Details, details, details. Emilie left nothing undone. She had details in everything. The tables, decorations, flowers, desserts, dinner, everything! She even had made coloring books and snack cups for children attending the wedding - my boys love her, even though she is a UTE!

This is one talented couple. Emilie designed everything from the table centerpieces to her wedding dress and matching flower girls. Brian cooked everything from the seafood buffet to the amazing tortellini! Their amazing talent and creativity was shown at every turn. Little details added to flowers, guest book, monograms, sweets, oh I could go on forever. This was truly beautiful and unique and I loved every bit of it. Congratulations Brian & Emilie - may you have a wonderful and happy future together. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!