Monday, February 2, 2009


This is me today: Likes:
  • The smell of freshly bathed babies
  • A clean house and I don't even mind the cleaning part
  • A full calendar
  • Dare I say - blogging!
  • Creating - I love to create things and I don't do it as often as I should
  • Reading a good book - my favorite right now are American classics, who knew there were so many good books out there that most people would have read in high school, but I got to read a lot of great Canadian books, now on to the south!
  • Baking - that's right, I could bake every day and be happy, but my weight would not :(
  • My kids - I love my kids, they make me laugh every single day
  • My husband - love him dearly, he is an amazing husband and father!
  • Meeting new people - I love being social
  • To make people laugh - I don't know why but I will say and do just about anything to get people to laugh, not always a good thing!
  • Playing pranks - I apologize to my past room mates for the pranks played on them, but come on, they were fun. Now on to the kids!
  • Organizing - I can and do organize anything, I love to come up with new ways to display, store and sort things...maybe I am OCD???
  • Talking to my sisters every day.
  • Hearing my kids laugh - especially at each other


  • Sweet potatoes
  • Grouchy people who complain and whine about everything
  • Bedtime - not the kids going to bed, just the process of getting them there!
  • Being in limbo - I don't like not knowing what I will be doing in a year, five years, where I will be living, etc.
  • That you can't have wings and roots, I would like both!


  • Photography - I would love to take photography classes one day and be classified as a "photographer"
  • School - I want to go back to school for another degree, haven't decided yet MBA, nursing, photography, jack of all trades master of none.... so many decisions
  • Marathon - okay, 1/2 marathon, training with my sisters to attempt one this fall, YIKES!
  • Photoshop - maybe if I got good at this I wouldn't have to become that great at taking pictures!
  • Journalling - I need to become a better journaller (is that a word?), thus the desire/need to blog more!
  • Travel - all over, but Central America and Asia are on the top of the list

Life - I have been truly blessed my whole life. My Heavenly Father has blessed me with all the people I have come in contact with throughout the years, from childhood to now. My family is great, sure we have our problems, how uninteresting would it be if we didn't? But I wouldn't trade any of them, not even my 6 brothers, 20 nephews, umpteen cousins (okay maybe a few cousins :) I don't mind that I had to do chores as a child, 100 chickens to feed daily, well, maybe not daily...and there were never 100 left by the time it came to butchering. Picking sticks actually was a character building experience, thank you Dad and uncle Emil! I have had a great life and plan to make it even greater, things just get better and better.


Michelle said...

What a great blog entry! You are amazing! I am grateful to have you in our family! I love you!

Karli said...

Well, it seems you are one happy person. Good for you. And I like talking to you every day too :)

Ryan McCoy said...

Loved the post. Love the girl. I'm one lucky guy.

Anna said...

No way! All of those things are my favorite things to do EVERY DAY! :) you are so inspiring to me, kara. thanks for your example.

Lauri said...

Kara, you're my heroine. Such a great blog entry. Can I just copy it for myself? I liked it THAT much.

The Nielson Family said...

I love every thing you wrote--except for the sweet potatoes thing--I do love sweet potatoes :)

michelle peterson said...

what a great blog you have...and cute cute picture of you!
Hey, does Connor play soccer? Kase wants to play soccer this year, outdoor, and I am trying to find some boys for him to play with...he has never played before... :)

Jana Jensen said...

That's a lot of face isn't it? Just kidding, it is a lovely face, one I don't see enough of in person. And so that you didn't feel like I have insulted you, I have left a little insult for Karli today as well.

Trish said...

Hi Kara,
...Sisters, I'm laughing at Jana's note. lol.
Your blog is wonderful! as are your beautiful children. I to would love to be a "real photographer" I took a great class on line, and learned so much. I totally recommend it. It's called Oh Shoot Photography, just go to You would really enjoy it, you can do it at home, practic on the kids and it's no to expensive. $95.
Happy days:o)

Kobe Family said...

I loved the entry, along with the boys and McCall's! You are one of those people that I just love being around. I enjoy your humor and creativity! You a great mother and friend/cousin! What more can I say than, I love you!