Monday, July 16, 2007

July Update

Well, I figured I had better get started on this whole blog thing so as to not to embarass my husband, the Internet guru (aka geek). We have recently moved back here to Utah and are enjoying it thus far, except the heat of course. Which has been complicated by our lack of air conditioning the past four days, hopefully that will be remedied by tomorrow.

The boys are settling into their new lifestyle quite nicely, they love the swim pool and riding their bikes on "real" roads instead of gravel, it makes the crashes nicer when you can steer onto the neighbors grass. Of course they have had a few problems with the differences here, the first being they can no longer use their binoculars to look out the back windows, the neighbors don't care for it much. The other being the use of the outdoor facilities, running into the bathroom is not always high on their list while playing outside and there are not so many trees here and a lot more neighbors, but they are getting it down.

Connor starts kindergarten in a few weeks, he is very excited, but I have mixed emotions, it depends on the day. Tate figures he will go along with him, of course his brother tries to set him straight but good luck arguing with Tate. Gage is just pleasant unless anyone crosses him or he wants something some one else has, which is all too often! Ryan is doing well with work, he loves the startup phase of all the new projects and that keeps him moving on. I am now finished unpacking and working on getting caught up with scrapbooking, that may never happen! But things are great for us and we hope for you all too. See you soon.
I have attached a picture of most of the LDS grads from Vanderhoof here, Darla Mecham, Annie Allred, Cherae Brophy, Jodi Heavenor, Shaylene Marks, Brynna Young, Kayla Gwilliam and Kasey Gulbranson.