Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rehobath Beach, Delaware

We headed to Delaware for another weekend at the beach. This time we went to Rehobath and it was great! It was a little later in the season so the water was even warmer and the sun was hotter. It was lovely. The Sorensen's came with us this time and we had a great time. On our way out of town we stopped for milkshakes and ordered a couple of kids cones and a few milkshakes. The cashier warned us that the ice cream's were large and we said, great, we are hungry! I think that the kids cones had about 6-8 cups of ice cream on them. I have never seen such a huge ice cream cone. The kids were in heaven and ate like piggies. They have since asked us if we could go back for ice cream there again ... if only it wasn't three hours away ... 

Beach Babe

The more time we spend at the beach, the more taken with the water and sand this girl was. By the end she was ready to swim, swim, swim.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Party

To celebrate the Olympics we attended an Olympic Party. We all came dressed as the country that we were cheering for, of course we chose Canada - we already had the uniforms and the flag, so it was an easy and classy choice!
 We had several events to compete in. The first was "Spray the shaving cream off your brother's face with a water gun" - We might have done better had Connor not put a full bottle of shaving cream on his face. It was all downhill from there with our athletic abilities!

 I think McCall would have won in the posing for pictures category, unfortunately there wasn't a division for that kind of skill.

Air & Space Congressional Family Night

Our last Congressional Family Night at the Museum. This time it was Air & Space. The kids loved this one. The food was great and there were all sorts of fun characters roaming around. Singing, dancing and fun people. Doesn't get much better than that!

 Peter - notice that every picture that includes pictures have the kids all laughing, wrestling and in utter chaos? What would we do without Peter to entertain? We will miss the Blairs!

Red Sox, Fenway Park, the Big Green Monster

The highlight of the kids trip was the Boston Red Sox game, they even won when we were there! The boys loved it, McCall even loved it. We had too expensive hot dogs, cold popcorn, chilled drinks and a bunch of fun memories! Good times! 


We made the it to Boston, the last stop on our East Coast excursion. The boys were VERY excited about Boston - mostly just the anticipation of attending a Red Sox game. But they had to endure some historical sites first. 
We started off taking a Duck Tour around the city. It was fun actually. We were able to see a lot of Boston and the boys each had a turn driving the bus when we were on the water. McCall finally took her first nap of the vacation and we were happy about that!

 We ate at Cheers, it was fun to eat at a classic place, but honestly, they must not be famous for their food! Still, lots of fun.