Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tate is a great guy. He is friendly, snugly and love able - most of the time!

Tate likes:
  • Snuggling - every day he asks to snuggle his mom and dad, give hugs and kisses
  • Friends - Tate is going through a "must have friends to play with" phase, brothers aren't cutting it anymore!
  • Growing up - he feels like he is too big for most "little" kid things now
  • Pre-school - he is growing up and enjoying his time with "big" boys
  • Independence - Tate is recognizing that he likes to be away from Mom now and be in charge of himself!
  • X-box - that's right, the kids loves Lego Star Wars, it is the perfect thing to ground him from!
  • Cookies - Tate continually asks to make cookies and brownies, he loves to help out as long as he can sample as he goes!
  • Primary - we have been blessed with great primary teachers, Tate loves going to primary each Sunday and is so excited to teach us what new knowledge he has acquired!
  • Competition - Tate enjoys playing sports and actually tries very hard, all the while taking charge of his team and imparting his knowledge of the sport to his team mates.
  • LEGOS - this kid loves Legos, I always swore that I would never buy my kids Legos...well that didn't last, you win Jana!


  • Taking care of diapers - his nemesis is putting diapers in the trash, he feels like this is an unfair chore as he is not the one making the messes! He is very fastidious and must wash his hands after each diaper disposal!
  • Being left out - Tate hates being left out. On the days Connor plays basketball Tate wears Connor's jersey from last year to the games so he looks like just another player.
  • Potatoes - who doesn't like potatoes? He doesn't like them mashed, baked, boiled, even fried! No french fries for this kid!
  • Naps - he thinks he is too big for naps but I don't agree!


  • Wakes up every morning between 7 and 7:30, no matter what!
  • Loves his baby sister and can't keep his hands and lips off of her!
  • Has a quick temper and can throw a fit like no other. We have these bouts every few months until he gets back to his nice self again.
  • As a baby, he was the hardest child to get to smile! Nothing could make that child smile.
  • Very thoughtful of others, especially his mom and sister.
  • Gives the best foot rubs, he would rub lotion on my feet almost daily when I was pregnant, at his insistence!
  • Adores his dad, will do anything with his daddy, chores, fun, sleep, he just wants to be with him.


Karli said...

Well I like him too. And I miss him. It'll be fun to see you hopefully in April.

Lauri said...

Thanks for photographing and telling us about Tate the Great.(great pictures, lighting, pose, composition, oh, and the subject - you can't beat the subject)

Marissa said...

I love making these lists...they are the things we usually tend to forget if not written down. Lovely!