Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're on our way ....

Soon we will be seeing these sights every day ... Ryan will be working here ... he is thrilled and I am happy for him - he has worked hard and tirelessly and it got him here ... not sure how that happened!
We are heading to DC for the next several years. We are excited, nervous, and sad for the people we will miss and leave behind. It all seems surreal still, of course with each box I pack it becomes more of a reality. Everyone we have talked to has said, "I LOVE DC!" So for all of you - please come visit, stay with us, explore with us - we'd love to see you.
If you've been here please give me some suggestions on places we MUST visit!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Election Party - Thank YOU!

Well, what more can we say than Thank YOU!
We have had a lot of support from family and friends through this crazy last year - your votes (thanks!), your help, phone calls, etc have been so much appreciated. Thank you for joining us in celebrating at the victory party! Gage was entertained all night by Drew and Maren.
and Brock ...

and Dad ...
actually the boys were so excited that the campaign was over that they attacked Ryan.
Garyn and Jill joined us to celebrate Jill's birthday :) Thanks for being a good sport!
Cora came all the way from Canada to party!
The whole gang - well almost ...
Jessica and James ... they love politics ...Gage now being entertained by Michelle ... that boy gets around.
Kael is showing his dislike of the establishment government. He also came all the way from Canada to party.
Joe and Michelle enjoying the intellectual conversations of the evening. Thanks everyone!

November 2, 2010

I have been counting down to November 2nd since last September - that is September 2009.
I can't believe it is over!
The election that is ...
I'm so grateful that we were able to be part of this historic event.
Our "I LIKE MIKE" shirts are worn out and ready to be retired!
We are ready to have Ryan back home - we're still waiting on this part - but it will happen, right?
These men are some of my all time favorites. Thank you for everything Ryan, Mike, Boyd and Dan - what a team you make!
Thank you for raising such a wonderful son - he can do amazing things.

The only picture of me of the whole night - oops, I always smile too big for the camera, especially when I am excited!
What a great adventure this past year has been, way more than I ever imagined or expected, or ever thought possible. There are days that I thought would never end or that I would never have enough patience - but in the end it was an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Let's see what gets done in DC now.
Go Mike!

Halloween Night 2010

Our four little goblins decided to dress up as characters from "Night at the Museum" this year and we had lots of fun making our costumes.
Dad - Teddy Roosevelt
Mom - Amelia Earhart
Connor - Kahmunrah (spelling?) the Pharaoh
Tate - Octavius
Gage - Jedediah
McCall - Sacajawea
We went with our cousins - we had Santa, a punk, Stitch and the whole Mario Cart gang. Even though we were thoroughly soaked we had a great time and the was a plethora of candy to be had.
I can't remember what Brad's costume was, but I know it was scary!

But our very best and most favorite part of Halloween this year were our first TRICK or treaters. Our doorbell rang and we all ran to pass out the candy. When I opened the door there were three little tricksters awaiting us. A princess, a knight and a dragon. So I began to fill their bags with candy thinking to myself, boy this little princess looks like Emma (my niece in Canada), boy this little prince looks like Kael (my nephew in Canada), by the time I made it to the little dragon - who looked very much like my little nephew Max (from Canada) I had it figured out. My brother came around the corner and I burst into tears. I was so excited to see them, what a great Halloween treat for us. Much like one we pulled on my grandma years ago, only we went the day before Halloween and she handled it with grace not knowing who was behind those 6 little masks. Thanks for making our Halloween memorable!

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We were a little late getting to the pumpkin patch this year, hoping for an evening when Ryan would be home to go with us. But when we caught a break in the weather we went for it without him - we missed you Dad. But the kids had a hoot picking out pumpkins and posing for pictures - mostly Gage had fun with the posing, but the others were happy to oblige as well.
Prepare yourself for a barrage of pictures.

When did they all start getting so big? I wish I could pause their ages right now - we are at a fun stage, let's stay here forever.

The Sea Serpent

I have learned all sorts of new things this year as my oldest son has joined scouts. Who even knew there was a "Rain Gutter Regatta"?
Not I.
In fact I completely forgot about it until about 4 hours before the race.
We were thinking we had missed out on it while we were out of town, turns out it was postponed.
Connor was thrilled.
He whipped his boat into shape immediately.
I was freaked out.
I had never built one before, Ryan was super busy on the campaign trail and we had misplaced our boat.
A neighbor pulled through with an extra boat.
Bill from the campaign turns out to be an expert at these little puppies - so I had a conference call with Bill and Ryan at the campaign office while assembling it.
Turned out perfectly for Connor.
He was thrilled!He dubbed her "The Sea Serpent", probably didn't realize it was only racing in a rain gutter - but "The Sea Serpent" sounds so much more menacing.
He won 3rd place and was quite happy with himself.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually enjoying Cub Scouts!

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

We were very creative this year when it came to pumpkins - instead of just our usual Y pumpkin we went all out and did BYU. A few minor pranks were played on us by our Ute loving neighbors - but when you dish it out I guess you better learn to take it.
Go Cougars!