Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Mischief

Gage was supposed to be sleeping.
I was helping the Young Women work on a project.
Ryan had left for another campaign meeting -
Telling me he had all the boys asleep.
I think he may have mislead me.
Somewhere there was a red marker lurking.
The thought process went something like this ....
"Why not make myself a beard and mustache?"
"With permanent marker?"
It took two days to wash off.
Using every method I could think of.
I contemplated using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
But didn't have any on hand.
Eventually it wore off - just like all his little misdemeanors do.

One day he will call me and tell me of his child's escapades
and I will say something like what my mother says to me -
And that will be my favorite grandchild, hands down!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moon burn

We were able to go to Saint George a couple of weekends ago. Ryan worked there from Monday - Thursday then the kids and I drove down to meet up with him and spend the weekend there. Ryan had a few campaign affairs to take care of - not the infidelity kind.

We had a great weekend, one of the most relaxing since this whole campaign started 9 months ago! Mike and Sharon and family were with us.

It was so hot there that we spent the majority of our time at the pool. And after swimming for hours during the day we rested at the house and ate. Only to return again for some night swimming - which the kids loved!

Well, most of them, most of the time.

One night, after a particularly hot and sunny day where we had to repeatedly apply sunscreen, we headed out to the pool for our nightly ritual. Gage was quite concerned about getting a "moon burn" because he wasn't wearing his swim shirt and I had not put any "moon screen" on him!

After we calmed his fears we proceeded to the pool where his favorite spot was the hot tub - in 100+ degree weather.

Family Pictures 2010 - The BIG picture

All because of these two ....
The rest of us are.
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Haircut

This first haircut has been a long time coming.
That's what happens when you have no hair I suppose.
But this morning I finally thought I had better trim McCall's bangs.
She actually sat pretty still and was patient.
Then she wanted her favorite hairdo - ponytails - she loves to wear the ribbons.
I think it makes her look at least 21 months old!

First Day of School 2010

With year round school in these here parts July sped by and the boys were back at it again before we even knew we had had a "summer break."
But they were so excited that it just didn't matter to them!
Connor spent some time showing Tate the ropes, told him which monkey bars to stay off of, lest he should break and arm, introduced him to the lunchroom and which table to sit at, gave him all sorts of great advice that every 1st grade child would need.
Then he was off to find his friends.
Tate was pretty darn confident. He found his class line and dismissed me.
He no longer needed me and was somewhat embarrassed that I was there.
He actually asked me to not come with him to class anymore.
Connor still holds my hand, hugs me and tells me he loves me before he goes off with his friends.
Tear ...
But they are happy to be back! Not sure how the girls will handle these handsome boys.
Connor was thrilled to be with Spencer and looks for him at lunchtime and recess - his favorite subjects :)
Good luck this year boys, you will do great things.