Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mount Vernon in February - BRRRR!!

We visited George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate for Tate's birthday.
It just so happened to be President's Day and they were celebrating George Washington's birthday.
What a great time - despite the chilly temperatures and the rain ...
The boys were very impressed with the soldiers.
The marching band wit drums, trumpets and piccolos.
They marched so neat and orderly.
Their pants stayed white!
I'm sure their mothers were proud.

I love the drums, but I know I don't have the patience for any of my children to learn.
My nerves would be on edge constantly!
Here is Washington himself watching his birthday celebration.
A view of the mansion house, which was really very neat to see.
Each room inside still has the original paint and the Washington's were NOT afraid to use color!
Each room is painted with bright and crazy colors.
Aqua, bright grass green, yellows, blues.
Quite fun to see.
They have also left everything that they possibly can the way it was when General Washington himself lived there.
The "necessary" (outhouse to us) was even a cute little building built to match the mansion.
All the outbuildings are orderly and situated in a manner that makes everything pristine and well planned out.
I can tell the General was a man of principles and very organized.
I really like that! This is the view from Washington's back porch overlooking the Potomac River.
This man had vision.
Whatever he did, he did well.
One person I can't wait to meet in heaven. This is a MUST see for anyone coming to visit so put this on your to do list!
We will definitely be retuning and buying annual passes to this one!


Jana Jensen said...

If this all to make us insanely jealous well then its working. So wish we could be there. You are a little stinky

Anna said...

Ditto to what Jana said. Except for maybe the stinky part. Only sisters can say stuff like that.

Mindy Gulbranson said...

I hope we can visit you sometime. I think it is awesome that your able to see all that. I agree with Jana it is making me jealous.

Rubie Purcell Arnold said...

How Awesome! I love the family pix, too btw!

Kobe Family said...

What an adventure! Fun to see what you guys get to do, but I too, am wayyyyy jealous! Glad your family is enjoying everything!