Thursday, March 3, 2011

This one's for the boys!

We made it to the NRA (National Rifle Association) Museum.
The boys were super excited.
What is more exciting to boys than guns?
Gage was a little unimpressed at first.
He took the first half an hour to find everyone in the museum to tell them that his Grandpa had way more guns than this museum. And his Grandpa had shot every animal in the world, except maybe an elephant.
He's not shy, and he's very proud of his Grandpa!
McCall wasn't all that interested in this particular museum.
But she was happy with her sippy cup, blankie and princess book!

The boys were literally so enthralled that they had hands and noses pressed up against the glass!
Next time I will be bringing Windex and paper towel.
Not sure the Gatling Gun exhibit will ever be the same.

This was one of my favorites - the vampire gun, complete with wooden stake.

Didn't every child want one of these as a kid?
The "Original Red Rider"

The boys with John Wayne.
They posed for the picture, then asked me,
"Who is John Wayne Mom?"
I was shocked and dismayed!

I thought this might be a craft my Dad could get into.
Art by shooting at things.

After seeing her brothers getting their picture with the cowboy - McCall had to as well.
I'm hoping this post will encourage my father and brothers to come visit.
This really was a very cool museum with guns from 1600 clear to present day.
So interesting!
And the life size statue of Charlton Heston isn't bad to look at either.


Kimalee said...

Jordan would be so jealous... I bet Jeremy would be too.

Anna said...

Mmm. Charleton Heston. The museum does sound really cool! Have to figure out how to get out there...

TL said...

The museum doesn't interest me at all but seeing those cute pictures of McCall sure makes me want to come visit.

Jill said...

Haha, I love it! That picture with them pressed up against the glass is prescious! I hope you sent that to Grandpa!

Michelle said...

Gage is such a cutie! When you have a grandpa like Mel, you have huge expectations with a museum like that. McCall is getting too big! We need to come see you!

The Nielson Family said...

You guys are painting the town red over there!!! WIsh we could join in on some of these adventures :)

Elena said...


kguiness said...

Oh Kara you crack me up!!!:)

Lauri said...

Talk about cool field trips with a cool Mom. It's fun to see all your fun.

Jana Jensen said...

I laughed a hearty out loud laugh at the craft for Dad, I am going to make sure he sees this post and yeah, this museum might get him there sooner just dont let him find all the people to brag up his gun collection. when a five year old does it it's cute and charming but when you're 64 not so much.

Natalie said...

We have never been to this museum; I guess I need to take my boys. So glad I found your blog!

Marissa said...

So much to do back there! How fun! We will miss you living in Utah when we move there in May :( When are you coming back?

By the way- heard about Corlyn's nose. My parent's are excited to have him arrive.