Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tate is SEVEN!

We love this boy named Tate!
He was so excited to spend his birthday here in the DC area.
He chose to go see George Washington's estate Mount Vernon on his birthday - which just so happened to be President's Day here in the U.S. (more on that later).
Tate is our "quiet" boy - at least around other people.
Tate is our competitive boy - around everyone!
You give him a challenge and he will take you up on it - from sports to academics he is a competitor and we take advantage of that when we can.
Tate is a kind hearted boy who is the first to help someone in need.
Tate is brave - on the second day in his new school he was determined to find his classroom himself. He didn't want me to help him out, just drop him off. When his older brother begged me to take them him Tate told him in exasperation - "Connor! Geesh! I will take you to your class first and then go to my own!"
And he did.
He is fiercely independent.
He dreams big.
This past week when he learned that he could not be President of the United States because he was born in Canada he was crushed. But not for long - he soon realized that he could still be a Senator or Governor ...
He is resilient.
He is smart and up for any challenge.
He has never been a snuggler - maybe on special occasions - but very rarely.
He can be silly and goofy - but he is usually quite serious and reflective.
We love this boy Tate.
We are so grateful to be his parents.

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Karli said...

You forgot to mention how very handsome he is!