Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Air and Space Museum

We went to the Air and Space Museum out at Dulles and it was amazing. This one is actually about 10 minutes from our house and we plan on going often.
The boys loved it.
So many cool things to see.
All sorts of planes and space craft.
They got to go into two different flight simulators.
Try on costumes.
Look at fighter guns and bombs - what boy doesn't love that?
But the highlight?
Seeing how the astronauts went to the bathroom.
Not very exotic - just a depends diaper really, with a tube on the end ... hmmm ... incentive not to be a rocket scientist.
You'd think that because they put a man on the moon they could figure out how to put one on the moon without a diaper.
Maybe next go round?
** I apologize for the pictures - most were taken on my iPhone. But I was thinking of putting a bunch from my camera into black and whites, framing them and putting them in the boys rooms. What do you think? Pictures from all the museums we go to, all in black and white?

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Lauri said...

Boy Heaven. I love DC for you. Gosh, what field trips!