Thursday, February 10, 2011

DC in January

I went to DC with Ryan the first week of January. It was my first and only trip to DC before moving there two weeks later.


The city itself was beatutiful with so many things to do. It was overwhelming and I had a hard time choosing what to see. But in the end I just went with the flow knowing that I was about to return and that I would have plenty of time to see everything I wanted to in the near future. Lincoln Memorial - very impressive, and I love Abraham Lincoln.

Washington Monument - inspiring, beautiful and moving. Best seen at night!Vietnam Memorial Wall - this memorial was probably one of my favorite. I've seen it in pictures, movies, etc., but you have no idea of the size of it and the thousands upon thousands of names of young men who gave their lives fighting. It was extremely humbling to be there.

Following that we went to see the Pentagon Memorial for the events of 9/11. Amazing.

You can't help but feel patriotic and grateful when you are there. Again, it was so impressive at night, I think it's the quiet and reverence that the night brings. The beautiful Capitol - this is where Ryan gets to go to work every day. It is a huge building with absolutely gorgeous architecture and details. We had the best tour guide in the Capitol and he knew EVERYTHING about it, helps when you are the Capitol Architect!

Okay, so the pictures are all mixed up, but I have to say, this city is absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to exploring and discovering everything!

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