Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Battle of Manassas/Bull Run

Just ten minutes from our house, out in the middle of the country lies a field. It's beautiful.
And it so happens to be a very historic location.
At this site 150 years ago was the first battle of the civil war.
Battle of Manassas - if you were from the North.
Battle of Bull Run - if you hailed from the South.
Women and children watched from afar with their picnic baskets, dressed in their Sunday best. Expecting a great show, a one time battle between the Washington's Union soldiers and the Confederates from the South.
It wasn't what anyone expected.
There was much bloodshed and both sides lost incredible amounts of good men.
It was just the beginning of a long four year war that helped to build and shape our nation.
Over 600,000 lives were lost along the way.
I'm very grateful for their sacrifices.
What a great place to live. General "Stone Wall" Jackson earned his nickname in this battle.
The day was so very windy so we will be returning very soon to do some more exploring and adventuring. Civil War reenactments will be happening over the summer to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.
Feel free to come and visit!

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The Nielson Family said...

I love all of these updates!! Happy birthday to Tate--he is such a cutie! And i can't belive the wind picked gage up! Bridger would be terrified to know that...he and the wind don't get a long. And we would LOVE to come and visit. I'm still in denial that you're gone at all though :)