Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 is all the RAGE for GAGE!

This little heart throb is 5 already!
I can't believe it.
He keeps us on our toes like no other has - or ever will!
The first thing Gage announced waking up on his 5th birthday was that he was now 5 and, as such, he now had 5 girlfriends, compared to the 4 he had the night before. The current list is as follows:
1. Marin
2. Halle
3. Laura Kate
4. Aunt Jana
5. Janessa
I'm sorry if you didn't make the cut. Good news is he plans to add one to the list each year he turns older, so start doing what you can to be in his good graces. There was a lot of deliberation going on, so many were very close to making the cut. But he felt strongly about narrowing it down to 5. He did however allow two UTE fans on his list - but they are exceptional girls.
We love this boy, he makes us laugh every single day! I seriously could write a book with Gage quotes, only I forget to write them down because they are just constant around here!


Elena said...

This comment isn't about your cute Gage - although he is adorable. I've just been going over your previous posts and want to tell you how jealous I am of you. I only spent 4 days there but I was hooked. DC is amazing. You'll love it.
Also, I have a Texas friend over there somewhere. She's LDS and has a few boys - in case you are looking for a friend. Her name is Linda Kopf. She's absolutely gorgeous and Hispanic so you'll know her when you see her. (Don't get jealous - you're absolutely gorgeous and Canadian. A whole other race, from what I hear. Hey, how did they let you in to DC? Does Mr. Lee know Ryan's wife's heritage?)

kguiness said...

Love it! Miss you tons!

TL said...

Wow, so short of time and I've lot my ranking with that boy! Sure do love him anyways! Happy Birthday Gage!

Jana Jensen said...

Yeah!!! I made the cut, I love my little boy, after this I will have to send another cape or something of equal but 5 year old value. I love you Gage.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Gage! Looks like I need to work really hard to make the list next year. :)

walkinourshoes said...

Wow, Kara your kiddo's are growing way to fast. Gage is adorable. It looks like you are enjoying DC. That storm was a hair raiser. Take care.