Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DC Monuments with the KIDS!

We spent a beautiful - but VERY WINDY - day in DC touring the monuments.
The kids had a blast, and we have been very surprised that they are still asking to go to museums, monuments and the like, I thought they'd get tired of them - but not yet!
This right where we parked - right along the Potomac River and it is gorgeous and HUGE!
Another month and we should be seeing leaves and blossoms on those trees and maybe some boats on the water - can't wait!Washington Monument through the trees.
I was wondering the other day if we will ever get to the point where we are not impressed and in awe with that landmark?
I hope not.

Just starting off the day. I was getting ready to take a few pictures when the wind really came up and blew the stroller, with McCall in it, past me and then tipped over.
It wouldn't be our last encounter with the wind!

Jefferson Memorial in the background - under construction so this one will have to wait. FDR Memorial.
This one was quite impressive and takes up a lot of real estate.
We hadn't been there more than a minute when Connor realized we were at FDR's Memorial and quite loudly exclaimed,
"Dad, isn't this the one who you think was the WORST U.S. President ever?"

The ever impressive Lincoln Memorial - still my favorite.
The boys were so excited to see this one, they love Lincoln and they love Night at the Museum. So it couldn't get any better than this.
They were impressed with the sheer size of the Memorial.
We don't personally know anyone who lost their life in the Vietnam War.
But we have family who served there - thank you!
We did find a Kennington - my Mom's family - and the kids were so excited to find a name that had a commonality with.
Quite an impressive Memorial.
This time there were Vietnam Veterans there to help give directions to names and answer questions. I liked that part.
WWII Memorial - another very humbling Memorial.
This war is only 2nd to the Civil War for loss of American lives.
There truly is a "Price of Freedom".
And it is expensive.
After this we headed over to the Washington Monument - but the strong winds kept me from taking any pictures.
I was holding onto children so they wouldn't fly away.
The wind died down for a few minutes so the boys went to play in it and see how strong the wind was.
Another big wind came up and literally picked Gage up, carried him a few feet.
Set him back down on his bottom and continued pushing him along on his bottom.
It was the highlight of his day - the most scary part of mine.
We are loving this "new to us" city.
Our doors are open, guest room is ready - may we suggest a visit?


Lauri said...

Your pictures and stories are great to see abd read. Thanks! Glad you weren't trying to fly kites or it would have been adios McCoys!

Jana Jensen said...

Is it wrong to think that the best part of these very patriotic pictures are the red and white Canadian hoodies. Oh Canada! I love it