Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DC Coral Reef

This fabulous coral reef is located in the Natural History Museum.
Pretty neat eh?
Well, if you look closely enough you can see that it is all made of yarn.
There are a LOT of happy knitters here in the DC area!
And this was only ONE side of ONE display, they filled an entire room!
I'm pretty sure that one Relief Society Enrichment group now has hand cramps and beefy crochet muscles!


Kobe Family said...

I just started my girls on crochet; and now I have a project to keep them busy! Thanks!

Lia said...

Wow, that's just amazing! If they're not LDS then they're putting us to shame! We need to start crackin' the whip! No more marathons ladies, we've got our own reef to build!
Actually, can I take a nap first. Looking at that makes me tired.

Jana Jensen said...

it makes me a bit skittish, I kinda want to clean it up and wind all that yarn neatly back into its rolls. We might be related?