Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cancel that!

You may remember this post that mentions Gage and his girlfriends. Well, he has been doing some thinking.
As I was driving with him yesterday he out of the blue says to me, "Mom, I'm going to have to cancel my girlfriends."
I'm thinking, cancel? Did he have a date planned with them? What is he talking about? Turns out he wants to "break up" with them.
So I asked a few questions, "why do you need to cancel them?"
Gage answered, "well, they are Ute fans so I will have to cancel them. I'm a BYU fan and BYU fans can't have Ute girlfriends, so they are getting cancelled."
WOW! I had no idea we have so effectively brainwashed our children, now if only I can somehow do that with them picking up after themselves, cleaning and flushing the toilet, giving me daily foot massages, changing all the dirty diapers, etc.
We had a little discussion afterwards and decided that he wouldn't have to cancel his girlfriends after all, we can be good friends with people who like different teams than us. So I guess it is girlfriends back on! He even found a red Hershey's kiss to deliver today and leave on her porch. Only, it is rivalry week ... so we will be looking for blue kisses to deliver!


RN 4 Kids said...

ha!!! that is sooo funny!!!! I love rivalry week!
oh and ms. photographer...when may I ask are you going to add your sweet daughter to your header photo?????? ;)

Mindy Gulbranson said...

I love how Gage keeps us all laughing.

Lauri said...

Go BYU. There are just SOME foundational principles that have to be shared in common, glad Gage recognizes that.

Lia said...

"Excuse me, you're canceled. You see, I like BYU and you like UTAH, and well, my mom says UTAH is bad."
Hee hee hee!!!

Karli said...

Don't undo all my hard work. Encouraging friendship with the enemy is not tolerable. It took me some doing to sway my little buddy, I will have to call and have a little one on one with the fella. Thanks a lot.

Karli said...

above post actually by aunt Jana, forgot I was using a different computer. Aunt Jana