Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

2009 Pumpkin Patch was a success. We went later than usual this year, as somehow October just passed us right by. But we had a lovely evening going through and picking out our pumpkins. The boys were looking for the biggest and fattest pumpkins they could find. They had big plans for their jack o lanterns this year. They found the perfect pumpkins, one with blemishes all over it, they were convinced that that particular pumpkin had swine flu. So it was a must have. Gage preferred the rotting ones, we nicely declined and had him pick a less soft and mushy one. McCall could care less and was just along for the ride.
Uncle Korlyn accompanied us, as he was here visiting from Canada. I think this was his first trip to the pumpkin patch.
McCall just happy to be along for the ride.
It shouldn't be so hard to get 4 kids to look and smile at the same time should it?

Korlyn is a big fan of Nacho Libre, he thinks that he has some great moves. I don't necessarily agree, but it made for a funny shot that he will probably regret most of his life!

Gage insisted on his own wheelbarrow and was pretty good at directing it in the right way.

We have this same picture from last year, fun to see how the boys have grown.
I love this time of year. Things are still crazy busy and hectic, but it seems we spend more time at home and with family and for that I am grateful.


Jessica Hall said...

So glad to see an update! Loved being back in the loop :)

Karli said...

I think Korlyn's Nacho moves are hot. And I totally agree. He will regret this photo for the rest of his life.