Sunday, November 15, 2009


That about sums up our week around here. I am documenting this week for myself, so one day I can, perhaps, look back and laugh and smile with fond memories of it. At this moment fondness does not enter the equation, laughs are absent, and smiles are rare. Let me just give you a run down of the past 10 days and things that have broken around our household.
1. Ryan's car - I drove it to the gym in the morning and made it home with no incident. Ryan left to go to work and the car wouldn't start - nor has it since then. It sits in our driveway awaiting a tow truck.
2. Kara's van - Ryan crashed it into the curb yesterday during a snow storm. He will have to tell the story as I am still unclear how it all happened. Anyway, it does not drive now and also has to be towed. So we will be calling the repair shop and see if they give a discount for having two vehicles from the same pathetic family at the same time. A big THANK YOU to Brad and Tara for lending us their car - at great personal risk if you ask me!
3. My Computer - wireless card gave out, riddled with viruses, slow as tar - haven't missed it too much because Ryan let me borrow his old one until we can fix mine.
4. Ryan's old computer - that's right, it has also crashed, can't even get it to start. Not sure of the problem ... just aggravated at the moment!
5. Purse - while technically a purse cannot be broken, it can not be properly functional. My favorite (and only) purse that can double as a diaper bag had a sippy cup of milk poured into it by our sweet little girl. It covered my wallet, check book, carry along camera, cell phone, diapers and wipes and all those other great things found in a mothers purse.
6. Drill - our drill and/or both batteries for it died completely. This of course happened when I went to drill all the holes in the advent calendars that I made for the boutique this weekend. None of them got holes drilled in them and thus were not finished.
7. My favorite bowl - as I started this post I sent the boys with fresh scones to give to their dad and the other men doing tithing settlement tonight thinking that the poor fellas would be starved since being at the church since 8am this morning. Not the case, apparently their office is full of treats! But on the way back with an empty bowl Tate dropped it on the icy cement and brought it home to me in fragments and tears.
But he wasn't injured so at least he is not broken, except his little heart - but that was mended easily with a hug and reassurance that it was not his fault. I guess the most important things have been fixed and healed this week - all the rest are just expensive conveniences.
Here's to a better and less expensive week.


Matt said...

Oh man - what a week. Sounds like you need to move away from all that bad luck. Have you considered Chicago? :)

Elena said...

Brutal week. Really. Do you want me to come pick you up and treat you to a yummy lunch? Then I'd get to see you and you are one of my faves.

Karli said...

"Sucks to be you right now" (read in a Nacho voice, of course.) Hope things get looking up for you soon! Love you!

Lia said...

Sounds like me about this time last year!! Remember...the washer, the dryer, the embossing gun, the sewing machine, MELISSA'S sewing machine after I touched it!!!! Oh, I'm still having anxiety about starting my Christmas stuff after last year. Already promised myself, NO SEWING!! And ya, you'll look back on this and laugh. I do.

Lauri said...

Sorry for all your broken bits. Glad all of YOU are in one piece. Better luck today and always!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

I hate the feeling of being stranded without a car. I hope your able to get them fixed and back on the road. What bad luck. I hope things get better.

Jenny said...

*sigh, Kara - what a week - at least you have an avenue to vent about it and hopefully look forward to a better tomorrow!

Jana Jensen said...

Ah!!!! you baby :) just kidding