Monday, November 9, 2009


Seriously, who would do this to a nice family like us? Why are we being discriminated against? Pure blasphemy, sac-relig and hatred. We got home from our nice Sunday spent with family and a wonderful baby blessing to these adorning our porch - for all of the city to see. The boys were mortified, until they found the bag full of red candy that accompanied them. Our list of suspects was short, only 3 families really. I mean it's pretty easy to narrow down because there are so few Ute fans. But narrow it down we did, we have identified the perpetrators and the boys are busily planning their revenge.
It does, however, help that our dear neighbors have the cutest girls on the block! Gage openly calls them his girlfriends, and why not, he points out that they do have a yard, a trampoline and a dog! What more can a boy ask for? Oh, that's right, a COUGAR fan!


RN 4 Kids said...

ha!!! it wasn't us...but what a great idea :)

kjtroxel said...

That is so funny! I am certain it was HIS idea because SHE is so sweet (but she is a little sneaky)
Love those Cassings! I wish I had thought of that prank..classic!

Lauri said...

Highly offensive.