Thursday, December 3, 2009

BYU vs. Utah - Rivalry Week

We had the time of our lives this past week - it helps that BYU squeaked out the win against the (stinky) Utes. We are die had BYU fans and always have been. Our boys LOVE BYU and everything about it. Gage is recent convert to the team and is probably our most outspoken child about how much the Utes stink and how awesome BYU is, thanks to aunt Jana.
But this past week we had a little fun with out Ute fan neighbors, thanks for being such great sports and letting our kids believe that they were so sneaky!
We started out Monday by dropping off treats to the Gustafsons (aka bishop) and Kassings (aka Gage's girlfriends). The boys had so much fun picking out blue treats from the store to drop on their porches and doorbell ditch them. They hid behind the porches or on the side of the house and thought they were extremely sneaky.
Each day was a repeat of the last, new treat, but same old trick. Until Saturday when the boys geared up in all blue and BYU. The tied blue ribbons and taped up "Y's" all over the porches and garages. They were thrilled to be involved in so much fun and sneakiness!
Even more fun for them were the treats and tricks that they got back. They checked our porch and doorstep about 20 times a day, so excited to see what they got. My personal favorite was a can of air freshener with a note that read, "you're going to need this because BYU stinks!". The boys were appalled that anyone would think such a thing and were very quick to cross out BYU and replace it with "the Utes".
Seriously, a very fun week. Oh, and did I mention that BYU won? Not sure if I passed that on yet or not, but BYU did in fact win that game. In overtime BYU won. BYU won, final score 26-23. BYU beat the Utes in a very close game, but in the end BYU won, and the Utes lost. I love it when BYU wins. I really do love BYU.


Turbo said...

It is the good peeps like you guys that keep me from making blanket Max Hall-style statements about BYU and their fans. ;) Anyway, didn't Ryan finish his degree at the University of Utah? So it's kind of like no matter who wins, you guys could be happy.

Karli said...

You guys are hilarious! I'm so glad BYU won. For your boys' sake.

Marissa said...

Finally someone on Aaron's side of the family that cares as much as I do! P.S. You can buy little BYU uniforms...pads/helemt and all at Tai Pan. Check it out!