Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Gage Antics

Well, this week was another typical week of insane and naughty antics performed by our lovely three year old, Gage.
Here is the run down of what went down this week:
Corn syrup - did you know it is nearly impossible to get the stick out of wood floors after corn syrup has been poured on them? While climbing in the pantry trying to get the Oreos on the top shelf he spilled a brand new bottle of corn syrup on the floor, potatoes, in the sugar and flour bins, and all around. I neglected to take the time to take pictures of this not so hilarious event. It took me a good half hour to clean up this mess, all the while dropping a few cuss words (mostly silently).
Fridge - did you know you also cannot hide Oreos in the cupboard above the fridge? Gage was caught three times within an hour on top of the fridge, hanging perilously with said Oreos in his hands. Dang Oreos, I won't be buying them again, even if they are on sale and the boys beg for them!
Baby food - after packing the church bag Saturday night I sent the boys to bed. Gage snuck out of his bed and into my room where he proceeded to eat all of McCall's cheerios in my BED! So I had crumbs to clean up in my bed, grrrrr, nothing like trying to sleep while picturing sugar ants invading my bed to catch the tiny morsels left behind by their good friend Gage. He is solely responsible for feeding all insects in the entire neighborhood!
Clothing - this is an ongoing mischievous behavior. Gage is constantly changing his clothes, he will wear anything and everything from costumes to his sisters sweaters that he can find. It drives me CRAZY! Not to mention all the extra laundry I have to do.
Garage - Gage has figured out how to escape the confines of our home into the dark abyss of the garage. He doesn't seem to mind the darkness, apparently he thinks he can hide some of his mis- deeds in the dinginess contained there in. He constantly gets into the freezer and leaves it open just to melt all the Popsicles. He knocks over every bike he encounters and moves tools around to new hiding places. But this was a new one for him,

Climbing on top the van! I found him up there happy as a clam and quickly realized he could not get down on his own. I took advantage of this babysitter - I left him up there long enough to get my floors mopped and vacuumed. He declined my assistance at getting down and chose to stay up there even longer. So, I finished dinner. He finally conceded to get down when it was dinner time. I may start putting him up there when I need an extra few minutes, or an hour, or.... I had better stop here!

We have resorted to letting Gage stay up with us one night per week so we can remember how much we love him when he is not getting into trouble. One on one he is so much fun to be with and so manageable, but this is not possible during the day, so we are doing what we can when we can to remind us of his sweetness. And believe me, we need that!

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Michelle said...

When he is not your own child, Gage is pretty darn funny! Maybe you should leave the Oreos where he can reach them, less mess. :)