Monday, May 18, 2009

Swim suit season

This may be the first swim suit season I haven't completely dreaded buying a new suit for. This is why:

I think McCall likes this one. Her brothers picked it out for her, with a little help from mom. She didn't even mind that it showed a few rolls, she felt the polka dots were slimming.

Perhaps she felt this was too large a print for her svelte little body. Not sure, but she is grateful for the cute swim suit grandma G! I think she was maybe just tired of photos by this point, nothing against the suit! Or perhaps her dad was squeezing her arm tightly?? It's really hard to say, but she does look cute in it!


Karli said...

It's so refreshing to see someone with more rolls than me, in a swimsuit and proud to show off her body! You go girl!

Pamilya Catubay said...

Wow! she can sit by herself now! Chanelle couldn't sit yet. She is so cute with her suit!

lusum54 said...

She is such a cutie.
it is fun to see how she is growing up sooo fast. Tripp is too, being only a week older than her.
So I have added your button to my blog, forwared 19 people your contest info, and joined the facebook group, and left a comment on you photograpy blog. What a great chance for an awsome prize.
Later, Summer

Lia said...

What a cutie! I love the change from happy baby to oh so sad baby! The naritive made it even better!

Jana Jensen said...

I feel her pain.

TL said...

those turned out so cute! She is such cutie! Thanks for taking the boys the other day, they had so much fun and slept so good that night!