Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

I was the grateful recipient of a random act of kindness today.
It is Ryan's birthday today and I have planned for months to get these great doughnuts for him to bring to the office for his birthday (he LOVES doughnuts). The boys were so excited to be in on the secret and were so helpful all morning getting ready to go.
We made it over to Beyond Glaze and waited in line to order our 1 1/2 dozen doughnuts. There was a gentleman in front of me who bought one doughnut and quietly left. When it was my turn to pay I was told that mine had been paid for already. I was a little perplexed and explained that I had not yet paid and I still needed to. The cashier informed me that the man in front of me wanted to pay for our order and so he had. SERIOUSLY, I got a little teary, nothing like that has ever happened to me before, and I am ashamed to say, I have not ever done anything like that before.
A perfect stranger did something so nice for me, my boys were elated and so excited that someone was SOOOO nice and generous.
I tried to get out to the parking lot quickly to thank the kind stranger, but he was gone and I was left with a smile and a warm feeling in my heart. I want to go back out and do something nice for someone else now, I will definatly be more aware of things that I can do to pay it forward.
My day has been so pleasant thanks to a kind act of a stranger. I wish I could have thanked him personally, but passing it on will have to do.
To the kind stranger - thank you for reminding me of kindness and generosity, thank you for the best gift you gave to my boys - a grateful heart and the desire to serve others. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


Jennie Stephens said...

awwww that made me a little teary!! and those doughnuts are not cheap!! SO GOOD THOUGH!! Do good things, and good things happen. karma!!!

Karli said...

Well, either the 4 kids you had in tow looked like they were a handful and he felt bad for you, or they were super duper well behaved and he rewarded you (which is more likely), or you have lost altogether too much weight while running and you need to eat more donuts. Hmmm, it's a conundrum! :)

Rach said...

I'm all teary myself. Hey, when can you get together for your birthday lunch?

tom said...

I thought sure you would have recognized me.

The Nielson Family said...

That is so sweet--it's just a feel-good story--makes me teary too! I love people like that!