Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Green Dress

Grandma bought this dress for McCall in the best little antique village in Pennsylvania. It was a great find and now that she fits it I thought I had better take some pictures for Grandma to be able to see. McCall is starting to sit up by herself, only for small moments, but she is getting it down. She really is the most pleasant baby all the time! I am so grateful for that. Except maybe when her brothers are in her face all the time, she tires of that quickly! And she doesn't like to be on the grass without a blanket between her and the grass!


KWit said...

Oh my gosh Kara, she is adorable and the rolls all the cuter!!

Karli said...

Those are some very BLUE eyes! Cute!

Lauri said...

You've got some sweet photo action going Kara. And the polka dots ARE slimming.