Friday, June 24, 2011

Mormon Tabernace Choir - In Virginia and DC!

We took the kids to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Wolf Trap this past week.
They were astounding.
They sang beautifully and entertained the crowd with the dancing and jiving - a little different from your typical General Conference hymnal singing.
It was absolutely beautiful.
We had a great time picking out the 3 members of the choir that we know.
We were lucky enough to run into two of their spouses and catch up on our
old neighborhoods and wards.

We opted for the lawn tickets and enjoyed a picnic feast!
So many people from the office were there and we had a great and relaxing time.
The kids even enjoyed it.

I'm so impressed by this choir, orchestra and everyone who volunteers with them.
The fact that this is an entirely volunteer organization is so impressive to me.
I'm so grateful for so many people who will share their talents with others!
What a blessing.

They also participated in a flash mob in Williamsburg, VA - so much fun.


Jana Jensen said...

Well, this week we saw the arrival of a new calf, I weeded all 5 flower beds, transplanted over 50 flowers, baked and decorated a wedding cake and almost got caught up on laundry, a good week but pale in comparison to all your adventures. Keep posting, I am almost there.

Can'trepliKate said...

I just saw you at the capitol on TV!!! You looked so great and your son was in BYU and that made Ben super happy! We miss you here!
Kate Dickman