Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake Anna

In central Virginia I felt at home.
(Besides the heat and humidity of course.)
But along the small country roads were sights like this ...

 and this ...
surrounded by fields with tractors in them.
I was thrilled.
 Then we saw this ...
I had to get a picture, even if my Dad never checks my blog.
But it was a little bit of home for me.

 And the lake ... it was beautiful.
The kids loved the water, it was warm ... I've never swam in a lake that was warm.
It was pleasant!

The boys would have stayed on this raft for a week.
On and off, on and off, repeat.
It was the most relaxing time we have had in months.
Maybe the last two years.
And we loved every minute of it.


Janelle said...

I love keeping in touch through the blogs! You're family is so cute and what an amazing place you live in. Makes me want to hop on a plane and come see the sights...maybe not so much in the summer with all that hot and humidity ;)

TL said...

That looks amazing and a warm lake, what a novelty! :) I'm glad you all had a nice relaxing time!

Jill said...

How pretty! Yes Kara, normal lakes are warm.

Jana Jensen said...

I just miss you guys, that's all. Just sitting here crying and missing you.