Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Confused Princess

This little girl thinks she is a princess.
(Thanks to her sweet cousin MaKenzie she can now dress like one.)
No one told her that princesses do not bear arms.
But she can't help herself in a house full of boys.
She must defend herself.
And it appears she must also shoot the poor bunnies out the window.
She is figuring out the Nerf Guns - she loads them up and then brings them to me -
And asks me to "cock it Mom".
Then runs off to find a victim.
Usually a willing brother.

Her confusion extends beyond the gown/pistol dilemma.
Yesterday McCall and I headed into the city, just the two of us.
We were bringing some treats to the office for the Senator's birthday party.
I pulled up just outside of the Capitol to snap this picture on my phone.
She got VERY excited and exclaimed,
 "Oh, Mommy, look!"
"It's the castle that my Daddy works in!"
She must really think her Daddy is Prince Charming.
(I know I do!)
She was in her element at the birthday party.
She had 40+ adults all clamoring to hold her, give her treats, coddle her and all together spoil her.
She entertained and charmed the Senators and staff and she has no clue.
It was a great afternoon.

**sorry for the poor quality of pictures - phone pics!

1 comment:

Lia said...

I love that she thinks her daddy works in a castle! I remember my parents taking my downtown a lot when I was little. They told me when I grew up I could get married in that beautiful building. I thought it was a castle. I thought I was a princess and obviously I was old enough to remember it. Fer reals!!