Monday, June 20, 2011

Field Guide Needed

I am continually amazed at the beauty out here.
I think it makes up for the heat and humidity.
It is absolutely stunning to drive roads within the city and not know you are in the city
Everything is green and beautiful.
Wild flowers grow everywhere with more trees than you can count.
And all different kinds of trees - I have no idea what is what!
One of my favorites though are the Magnolia trees (above).
I had no idea how large those flowers really are.
Pictures don't do them justice.
But they are about the size of dinner plates.
Oh, and the smell - divine!


Karli said...

It really is beautiful. The pictures are awesome! :)

Kobe Family said...

I love the east coast! So pretty! That tree is really cool.

Jana Jensen said...

Except for the tree, we can grown all but one of those flowers here which you would know if you liked gardening not just playful outdoor excursions in gum boots.:) it is pretty I will admit.