Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mount Vernon - with Grandma and Grandpa

This was our best trip to Mount Vernon so far.
There were a lot more "staff" dressed up and wandering the grounds.
They were playing all sorts of time period games on the grounds and the boys were able to join in.
We enjoyed a little picnic overlooking the Potomac.
Measured a few of the huge trees there.

 A rare quiet and still moment for Gage.
I'm going to blow this up and look at it every day to remind myself -
He can be so cute and quiet and still - for small moments.

We had an overall fabulous time.
We love Mt. Vernon.

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Jana Jensen said...

Sometimes I don't like Ryan, like when you all move so far away and we don't see the kids growing up. Okay fine, I love him for sure but when I miss you all I m not sure I like him. Forgive me Ryan, miss you kids! aunt Jana