Friday, June 24, 2011

Odd Combination - Fantastic Night

I had the most fantastic night with my good friend Ellen and her daughter Janessa.
We got to sit with this lady (and 150 other people, but who's counting?) ....

Former First Lady Laura Bush. 
I absolutely adore her.
She is kind, sincere, unassuming, FUNNY, real, and a go-getter.
She is a great role model for women.
A sounding board, confident and counsellor to her husband.
She is one charming lady and I love her to pieces.

Afterwards we headed out and walked back to the Capitol.
It was a beautiful evening - one of the best in DC so far.
The fireflies were just starting to come out.
We headed to dinner over at 7th Hill for some real Italian pizza.
Ummmmm ....
How can you go wrong with Bacon on your pizza?
And everything fresh?
Not to mention the Nutella Calzone - go ahead and salivate because it was that delicious!

 Then off to home where the fireflies were in fine form and illuminating the trees.
It looked like someone had strung blinking Christmas lights through all the trees.
I have never seen anything like it.
It made me feel not so bad about not seeing the Northern Lights.
I guess God made Southern Lights to - just in different form.
We live in a beautiful land, full of God's beautiful creations.
And amongst some of the most beautiful people.
I am grateful to love and know the people in my life.
Just a day of gratitude and graciousness really.
Thank you for today!


Turbo said...

Sounds like a pretty solid evening. Have a great weekend!

Anna said...

I LOVE fireflies. I have only ever seen them once, in Michigan. Justin and I were driving along country roads after a wedding rehearsal and it was just magic. Love the photo you posted of them.