Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys Entertainment

We visited Old Town Alexandria with Grandma and Grandpa.
The boys were not excited.
The complained when the park we took them to didn't have a playground.
They neglected to see the water and rocks and sticks while they complained.
The next thing we knew they were complaining when it was time to leave!

The adults pulled up a park bench looking over the Potomac River.
The boys were instantly drawn to the water.
They found mounds of driftwood and rocks to throw in and entertained themselves for over an hour.
They were in boy heaven.
Watching the geese land and throwing objects in the water.

Eventually we had to leave to get ice cream.
And our day ended in a giant thunder and lightning storm that we are starting to get
used to here in Virginia.
Virginia knows how to put on a good storm.
We love it!

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Karli said...

I'll admit I got a little teary looking at these. The boys are getting way too big. I miss you!!!