Monday, May 2, 2011

White House Easter Egg Roll

We were able to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll this year.
We were so excited to be able to go.
I had visions in my head of my beautiful children strolling through the White House Gardens.
Taking our time and getting gorgeous photos of the kids in the azaleas and dogwoods.
Oh it was going to be grand.
And it was, only in a different way.

 Had I known how hot and crowded it was going to be once we got inside I would have done more pictures outside while waiting in line.
But - this is what we got just trying to pass the time.
The day was a balmy 90 degrees with about 70% humidity.
And over 30,000 people participated.
Of course only 6,000 per session.
YIKES!! I thought I would lose a child or two!
 I love these socks!
And it was the only part of Gage not being a goof.
 McCall was elated to meet the Easter Bunny.
But refused to go anywhere near him without Daddy.
Flat Stanley also got to meet him. We have loved having Flat Stanley with us!
 The boys were not thrilled to take pictures.
They wanted to be off in search of eggs and participating in all the events.
McCall somehow hurt her leg that morning and couldn't walk a step.
Getting her to stand for a picture was difficult.
But it all turned out just great and the kids had a blast.

 Flat Stanley enjoyed his trip to the White House.
But the best part of the day was the very last thing we did.
The boys REALLY wanted to play basketball on the White House basketball court.
So they did.
They were the very last group to be able to.
And they were elated!
 Each of them took part in a shooting game.
And guess what?
Connor won for his entire group of 30 kids!
And because they were the last group for the day, they each got to take home an NBA basketball.
Don't worry I checked - they were a gift from the NBA - not a government bailout!

 Poor Gage was so little that he couldn't even get the ball to the basket.
The NBA staff tried to help him out.
But to no avail.
But no worries, as the kids in line started laughing at him his big brother Tate straightened them all immediately.
"Hey, that's my little brother. He's way smaller than you and he is really good at lots of things. Don't laugh at him. That's being rude."
I was proud of him. Even though I tried to tell him they just thought he was cute.
Tate didn't agree and insisted on defending his brother.

Then I wanted to get some pictures of McCall in the azaleas.
But she had had it and wouldn't cooperate one bit.
But at least I got one of these adorable shoes!
What a fun time.
I hope the kids will always remember this.


Breea Heiner said...

How fun! I am one of those people who always reads your blog, but never comments, mostly because you just say it all.

The Nielson Family said...

I love Tate--that is priceless. I am so impressed with Connor and his amazing basketball skills! I LOVE Gage's socks--he is such a cute. And that McCall--well, her shoes are darling and so is she :) Miss you all!!!