Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Career Path

While eating our lunch today Gage informed me that he no longer wants to be an NFL player.
What has swayed you?
I'm hoping for bigger aspirations - doctor, dentist, scientist ...
He found out that if you get hurt or injured you have to sit in an ice bath.
He hates to be cold.
And if that wasn't bad enough ..
"Your coach and teammates watch you and you are {naked}!"
Both good reasons not to be an NFL player.


TL said...

that boy is soooooo funny! I don't blame him, I sat in an ice bath before the last marathon with Jess and Megan and it was horrible, no worries though Gage, I wasn't naked! :)
and as always cute picture of your cute boy!

Karli said...

I think you could write a book of Gage-isms. Good stuff.