Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Comes to Town!

We were so lucky to have Jessica and James come to visit us over spring break!
We had so much fun and did as much as we could fit in.
It was wonderful.
Be prepared for another onslaught of pictures!

The first day we visited the Senate and the Capitol.
We had a great tour from Senator Mike Lee, UT (R).
Ha, I've always wanted to do that.

 We were not allowed camera's past this point.
So we had to get a picture of Flat Stanley going into the Senate Chambers.
Once inside we got a tour of the chambers and an education on the history of the Senate floor.
The boys favorite part was the "candy desk".
Years ago one Senator kept candy in his desk for everyone.
To this day, the member who inherits that desk keeps it full of candy for anyone on the Senate floor.
 Then we had to find the Brigham Young statue.
You see, Flat Stanley comes from a UTES household and he is going back a BYU fan.
Learning truth does that to a person, flat or not.
 McCall was so happy to have Aunt Jessica again.
She always has a purse full of goodies to rifle through.
Ahh, to be spoiled.
 Jessica and James in the old Senate Chamber.
Very cool room, with a very old history.
Then it was off to the National Archives.
I still get emotional seeing the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.
We are a very blessed nation.


10300623 said...

These were worth the wait...the very very long wait. You are awesome.

Tom McCoy said...

These were worth the wait...the very very long wait. You are awesome. Had to post again so you wouldn't think I was just another number.

The Lunds said...

I love all the updates. I can't believe how pretty it is there! I LOVE McCalls little green shoes. All your kids are adorable and they are always dressed so cute! Hope everything is going well!