Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a must see.
Gettysburg is fantastic.
I am so grateful for the brave men who fought here and for the local residents who banded together to care for the wounded - numbered in the thousands.
The museum is worth the time and $ to go to.
When I went a few years ago with my mom and sisters I fell in love with the place.
Only I have to go back just to go to the antique shops and darling cafes.
Oh, and the drive there ... GORGEOUS!

 This is Gage's favorite President.
He lovingly refers to him as his friend Abe.
Perhaps he was precocious child as well?

Flat Stanley made the trip with us.
We will be sad to have to send him back to his school in Utah.
Thanks Halle for letting us have him as a guest for the past few weeks.
He has one trip left in him - New York City!
Then back to Salt Lake City.


Janelle said...

What an amazing place you live in! I love all the history. Can't wait to see it all someday.

Jana Jensen said...

Is it okay to hold contempt for a paper doll named Stanley? That guy is having too much fun and I am jealous.