Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monuments by Day and Night

One of my favorite parts of DC are the monuments and memorials.
It's just so fun to be right here where there is so much American history.
We took Jessica and James to visit a few of the monuments.
The first was FDR - It's one of my favorites just because of the park like feel. 
 It was raining pretty good - so we left the kids with Ryan in the car and grabbed the umbrellas.
Only, one wasn't working so well.
So Jessica made the best of the situation.

 The Lincoln Memorial is just so impressive and surprisingly reverent given the amount of people there at any given time. I love this one.
 WWII Memorial. It was so dark and hard to get a good picture.
But we were able to find Utah and take a moment to remember.
 Washington - amazing.
I love this man, he's one of the first I want to meet in heaven.
All of us at the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument behind us.
I must say that Jessica and James chose the perfect time of year to come.
The weather was beautiful and not too hot.
The kids just happened to be on spring break so we were able to go anywhere and everywhere with absolutely no schedule to follow.
What a great time.


The Nielson Family said...

I all looks amazing! Love all the pictures and all the history (oh...and all the antique shops...kinda jealous :) ) And tell Tate congrats on the tooth!!!

Kobe Family said...

A lot of those pictures look very familiar; especially in the FDR park. Fun, fun, fun!